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Get in Grinches! It's Festive!

I can still remember last year this time. We were all so blissfully oblivious to what's to come. We all heard the rumors about something dark spreading in the east; choosing to ignore it seemed easy during the holidays. December 2019 was undoubtedly a festive time, where we had nothing to fear and everything to gain from this looming year 2020. Weddings, graduations, matric dances, birthday celebrations, and resolutions were all, to our horror, suspended and canceled. It can be so easy for the Grinch in you to take over this holiday season, where you think back on everything you have lost instead of being thankful for what you have now. To be a little apprehensive of the coming year is normal, and clearly, an understatement.

Let us take things one day at a time by following a simple list of actions going into 2021.

1. Be grateful.

2. Regain your balance.

3. Never let anyone steal your joy.

4. Be kind, generous, and hopeful.

5. Live a clean, healthy, and simple life.

6. Love without condition.

7. Celebrate the small wins.

8. Mantra: I am brave; I survived in 2020; I am strong.

9. And, in the words of Jack Kornfield:" No matter how

hard the past is, you can always begin again."

10.YOLO (use with caution, but useful nonetheless)

Boschrand Lodge invites you for Christmas lunch @morurestaurant, @boschrand_lodge to celebrate the festive season we all deserve. Join your friends, family, or colleagues for a day of nostalgia, good food, cold drinks, and better company as we welcome you for some Christmas indulgence where you can avoid the crowds; at our little piece of heaven. You will find a link to guide you to Moru Restaurant's Christmas Lunch below that will provide you with a menu and contact details to book your space. Limited tickets are available, so make sure to secure your place at our dinner table now.

Looking back at what we have survived these past 12months is nothing more than a miracle. I am thankful for all the people that have weathered this challenging year with us and, I cannot wait to make new memories with all of you this coming year.

The Boschrand Lodge team would like to wish all our guests, family, friends, and local patrons a Merry Christmas and (here's hoping) a happy 2021.

@morurestaurant @boschrand_lodge

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1 Comment

Angela Edmunds
Angela Edmunds
Mar 10, 2021

Best break away and value for money. I am returning for my wedding celebration😍

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