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Honouring our Badass Queen Mothers

This year, in celebration of Mother's day, we are honouring the brave, badass moms of our loyal patrons and employees, who are the glue that keeps their family together through the rough times.

I asked the sons and daughters to send me a short quote(s) that perfectly sum up why their mom is a strong, brave, exceptional, and inspiring mother.

The result was so heart-warming, that I couldn't wait to share it with you all and phone my mom.

“My mom is the root of our family tree, she is the best cook in the world and has carried me through the hardest times of my life.”

- Willem


“My mother is a badass woman because she taught me that in life no matter what the circumstances, stay strong and hold your head up.”



“She raised me to be an independent woman. She taught me to always be myself, no matter the circumstances. She is badass because of her way of doing things, she stands for what she believes in even when she stands alone. She is my role model. And she is MY mother.”



“My mother is awesome because she makes nice food for us, she cares about us and I care about her. She helps me with my leg injury and also helps me when I feel sick.”



“My mom is a badass because she raised me to be true to myself and to always appreciate the little things in life. She is a mother to more than just her own children and that how big her heart is. “



“My mom is the most badass. She raised two daughters and that’s not easy.”

-Lee Ann


“My mom is a badass mom because as a single mom, she has done an amazing job. She raised me to be an independent woman. I have seen my mom go through the worst but she still never gave up, instead she kept on fighting and she has shown me time and time again that you never give up but keep on fighting. My mom is the most supportive person ever and she believes in me and my dreams.”



“I grew up watching my mother handle every obstacle life put in her way, I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me.”



“My mom is a badass because she is the mom everyone wish they had.”



“My mom raised me to be caring and always willing to help others.”



“My mom raised me to be proud of who I am and always supports me no matter what!”



“My mother takes care of my children, myself and our home while I am at work. Even though she is very sick and old she finds the strength to be there for us.”

- Dimakatso


“My mom is a total badass because she is a survivor. A cancer survivor. A “life happens” survivor. She fights. She gives. She dips and she rises. But most of all she is the one strong, never ending, never failing constant rock in my life. I am tall because I stand on the shoulders of a giant.”

- Lee Mari


“My mom is my rock. Even when her world was crumbling. She kept us strong and going. She taught us to pray and never give up.”



“My mom is badass, not only because she survived raising me, but because she is always there for me and has the kindest heart. Love her to bits!”



“Growing up my mother always reminded me to love people and collect rare individuals like treasure. She believed that your wealth lies with people, not money. I can honestly say, she was right and I am richer because of it.”


Happy Mother’s day to all our badass moms out there making sure their children always have a place to call home. Now, call home- mom misses you!

Jill Churchill once said:

“There is no one way to be a perfect mother but a million ways to be a good one.”

Boschrand lodge invites you to come and spoil your mother at our annual Mother’s day buffet at Moru restaurant. Click here for more information and don’t forget to book your table. Limited space is available.

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