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4 Things You Deserve in 2020

Eat. Play. Relax. Love.

I've always enjoyed the sweet and short month of February. It is a bittersweet time, where you are finally in control of your finances and can spend some well-deserved time with your loved ones. After the harrowing month of January, we can take stock of what we want and most importantly of what we deserve this year.

1. Eat.

You may just have started your unforgiving diet or renewed your gym membership (again) but that does not mean you don’t deserve amazing appetizing meals. Healthy food can look good and make your taste buds pop, all it takes is a little bit of creativity and time. Moru Restaurant at Boschrand Lodge will be introducing their new lunch menu soon and it is especially helpful for those days your creativity runs out but you know you're still deserving of a tasty meal.

2. Play.

Come on and play! You deserve to have some fun this year and let 2020 be filled with adventures and unbridled joy. Now I am not telling you to jump out of a plane, off the bat, but you can allow yourself some level of spontaneity once in a while. Whether it is fishing, clubbing or just a fun weekend away with your family, as long as it brings a genuine smile to your face.

3. Relax.

Sam Glynn, the famous motivational speaker once said: "Sometimes the best solution is to rest, relax and recharge. It's hard to be the best on empty." Every day we get bombarded with advice on relaxation, either on social media or that hippy "tannie" with her burning sage and yoga pants, that it feels like some obligated task that needs to be scheduled, planned and fulfilled to live a happy life. We all know the universe rarely leave us be for a scheduled moment of peace - we have to take it when the opportunity strikes and enjoy it while it lasts.

4. Love.

It was the morning of 14th February 2020 when I received a call from a very distressed gentleman that needed to dazzle his very angry wife with a surprise weekend away. He explained that he needed at least three days of groveling at our lodge and all the romantic activities we can fit in to comfort her, just to make up for the fact that he has completely forgotten about Valentine’s day. The Boschrand team helped keep the troubled gentleman out of his spare-room by setting them up in our best suite and adding them to the guest list for our fine-dining Valentines-dinner experience. He was pleased to announce that after a weekend filled with champagne, desserts, the honeymoon suite, cocktails in the Jacuzzi, spa treatments and a private sunset game-drive, his wife is a little less angry with him. Never forget the moment you realized you loved your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend/life-partner/soulmate, because not only are you deserving of their love, they deserve to know it.

Most of us are so conditioned to feel guilty about doing anything selfish that we forget how much we deserve. Remember the guilt you carry; you bear it alone - just do yourself a favor and let it go. The belief that you are deserving will grant you an abundance of happiness you never even thought you needed.

Now let's say it together:

"This year I deserve to eat well, play hard, love carelessly, and relax without guilt!"

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